With our 40 years of combined physical therapy experience Diamond Physical Therapy recognizes the importance of wellness and fitness to our clients. Recently published articles have brought the importance of wellness and fitness to the fore front. I think Vonda Wright, a UPMC orthopedic surgeon, stated it best in a recent article published by the Pittsburgh Business Times. She stated, “We really have to think for the future (and) invest in fitness and health before we have to just react to illness.” In order to continually improve strength, balance, flexibility and overall fitness and “invest in fitness and health” we offer a fitness and wellness program to all. In addition we will offer this program to future clients whom will be undergoing a surgery in the near future as a preparatory phase in order to maximize their rehabilitation afterwards. With this program clients would independently exercise at our facility with Darleen or Jerry developing an appropriate exercise program.

This concept has been supported most recently by research performed by Dr. Anne Newman, director of the Center for Aging at Pitt. She found that regularly structured exercise allowed even previously sedentary people to improve physical functioning and reduce the chances of future disability. The activity for this research consisted of walking at a moderate intensity for at least 150 minutes a week (That is only 22 minutes a day!) combined with leg stretches, balance exercises and leg strengthening exercises. This study was performed on a group of sedentary people ranging from 70 to 89 years old. Another means we have implemented in order to “invest in the fitness and health” of the community is by offering yoga classes. These are small sized yoga classes in our private exercise room. Establishing a yoga practice with private or group lessons brings many benefits to your life. Some benefits you can look forward to are: establishing a balance of mind and body, improving your focus, flexibility, strength and relaxation. Yoga is a great way to blend strength, flexibility and balance along with focus to achieve your goals of a fit and healthy lifestyle.
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