In April 2007, Diamond Physical Therapy acquired a Meilus Muscular Therapy Robot which conceptually applies what we have known for years about the benefits of consistent pressure over specific points along a muscle (i.e. myofascial release and trigger point therapy).

These benefits include a lengthening of the target muscle which translates into improved range of motion, improved functional strength and performance, improved ability to maintain a more anatomically correct posture, and improved body mechanics. The results we have documented have been extraordinary.

Treatments with the Meilus Muscular Therapy Robot have ranged from dramatic increases in range of motion of the knee after a total knee arthroplasty, to releasing the psoas and iliacus muscles, and alleviating chronic back and hamstring pain as well as improving posture which directly relates to balance and overall function.

The application of this technology, however, is no substitute for our skilled hands-on approach. It is used in addition to myofascial release and other hands-on techniques we frequently employ. Also, utilizing this new piece of technology has allowed us to more aggressively address the strength, function, and performance of the client earlier in the rehabilitation than previously permitted due to pain and range of motion limitations. This is truly a break through.

In addition to the functional applications of the Meilus Muscular Therapy System, professional athletes such as Jack Nicklaus and Andy Bean from the PGA Tour, Dwight Gooden from the New York Yankees, Frederick Modin from the Tampa Bay Lightning, Phil Esposito (National Hockey League Hall of Fame),Billy Joe Hobert Quarterback New Orleans Saints, John LeClair from the Philidelephia Flyers, and Charlie Batch from the Pittsburgh Steelers all have benefited from this treatment. Professional Sports Teams that currently own the robots are the Toronto Blue Jays, Philadelphia Flyers and Eagles, New York Jets, Chicago White Sox, and the Tampa Bay Lightning and Buccaneers.

They have not only used the robots to rehabilitate from injuries, but to also improve athletic performance by improving ROM, flexibility and posture which translates directly to improved speed/quickness, improved reaction time, and improved functional power. Furthermore, the only other facilities in Pennsylvania that have access to the Melius Muscular Therapy System are affiliated with the Philidelphia Eagles and Philidelphia Flyers. As the leaders in rehabilitation in the area, we are very excited to be able to provide this state of the art treatment to Ligonier.

Whether you are an athlete looking to improve performance or are seeking greater mobility, relief from headaches or muscle tension, the Meilus Muscular Therapy Robot could be the answer you’re looking for! Schedule an appointment to learn more about this equipment.