We understand that each client has unique and specific needs. To best serve you, we customize every massage. Some may prefer light and relaxing massage, while others require deep pressure work to break tension. Here is a brief description of the massages offered at Diamond PT.

Hot Stone Massage
$70 for one hour

During a hot stone massage, an area of the body is initally warmed with traditional swedish massage. The same area of the body is then massaged with the heated stones. The black volcanic rocks are smooth and flat, and retain heat well. The stones help to improve the flow of energy in the body, while the heat is relaxing, and can ease tight muscles.

Therapeutic Massage
$60 for one hour
$90 for 90 minutes

This massage offers a blend of swedish massage techniques, trigger point therapy, and deep tissue massage to create a custom treatment perfect for anyone. Pressure can vary from light, to deep, depending on each client's needs. Therapeutic massage promotes relaxation, eases muscle tension, and reduces anxiety. Massage improves circulation, which delivers oxygen and nutrients to all of the body's cells, and also stimulates the lymph system, which carries away the body's waste. It can help with many conditions, such as sciatica, muscle spasms, arthritis, migraines, and can help manage chronic pain.

30 Minute Massage for $30

For those with specific problem areas. A 30 minute massage is a great way to relieve pain in the area's of the body that need it most! 30 minutes is just enough time to work on a sports injury, sore muscle, or just help to relax your neck and back after a stressful day.
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